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Cleep Pro Mini Airsoft / Paintball Pack


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The Cleep Pro mini action cam is your powerful and minimal companion for recording your next play game.


Its ultra-lightweight body allows you to capture your play game from various angles by attaching it to your helmet, fixing it to your gun using the barrel mount, or both.


For an immersive experience, try recording your point of view from your rifle.


With the Cleep Pro companion App, you can relive your gameplay and share your experiences with others.

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60 minutes recording

4K/60 fps

20MP Photo

Hands Free

Live Preview

150° Fov

Slow Motion

Time Lapse

IP65 Waterproof

Italian Design

The smart and versatile action cam to easily capture your next adventure.

Small, sleek, and robust.

Small, sleek, and robust.

The mini action cam and its minimal accessories are designed to meet your next adventure.

Versatile mounts.

Versatile mounts.

Get the perfect frame from your point of view with the helmet mount to attach it on your helmet.

Wi-Fi connectivity.

Wi-Fi connectivity.

to switch in Photo Mode

 1-click shooting  1-click shooting

Tech Specs

Video Setting: 4K 60fps, 4K 30fps, 2.7K 60fps, 2.7K 30fps,1080p 120fps,1080p 60fps,1080p 30fps,

Photo Resolution: 20MP,16MP,14MP,10MP,8MP

Lens: 150° Wide-angle

EIS: Electronic image stabilization, 6-axis anti-shake technology

Record Mode: Time Lapse, Slow Motion

Microphone: Internal Microphone with Noise Cancelling

Charging: Type-C Cable

Storage: Expandable Micro SD-Card (up to 64GB)

Feedback: Led & Vibration motor

Connectivity: Wi-Fi

Color: Matte Black

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1-click shooting

Cleep Pro is really simple and fast to use. Every time you shot a video or photos you receive vibration and led flashing feedback.

 1-click shooting  1-click shooting
 1-click shooting  1-click shooting

Stabilize your memories

Shot high-resolution footage without shakes. Cleep Pro powerful EIS stabilization method reduces noise from your footage automatically.

Ultra Lightweight

Unlike ordinary action cams which are commonly big and heavy, Cleep Pro only weighs 49 grams, which is as light as an egg.

 1-click shooting  1-click shooting
 1-click shooting  1-click shooting

Always ready-to-use

Compared with a traditional action cam, Cleep Pro is much easier and faster to use. It doesn’t require experience to shoot and doesn’t need extra settings. It just starts ready to record your moment right away.

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Cleep Cleep
 1-click shooting  1-click shooting

Preview First

Watch preview and shots footage remotely. Cleep Pro seamlessly pairs with your smartphone using a Wi-Fi connection so you can shoot, edit and set up your camera with ease.

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Mount Anywhere

Recording hands-free has never been easier. fix Cleep Pro on your sunglasses, wear it on your wrist or mount on your hat and give unprecedented perspectives to your next video recordings

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 1-click shooting  1-click shooting
 1-click shooting  1-click shooting

Enlarge Your View

You don’t care about frame, the 150° wide-angle lens gives you the exact perspective (POV) to record like human eye.

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Pro Features

Using the Cleep Pro Mini mobile app, you will find various settings for creative content such as time-lapse or slow-motion videos up to 3 times slower than normal. You can manually adjust the exposure and white balance to achieve the best results for your recordings.

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 1-click shooting  1-click shooting

Shockproof Design

Our patent design has been optimized for the best user experience for a wearable camera. The ergonomic shape gives you an exclusive touch and feels with the body case, enabling shockproof feature and the best wearable fit.

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 1-click shooting  1-click shooting