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Cleep Pro FAQ

Where can I use the camera?

You can use the Cleep Pro camera anywhere, during any activity, like mountain climbing, cycling, traveling, cooking, and more. With the accessories offered, you can make the camera 100% hands-free.

How can I use the camera to take photos?

You can take photos by switching the camera to photo mode with 2-second long press of the power-on button or you can using Cleep Pro app to shot remotely.

How can I download the app? What does the app do?

You can download the Cleep Pro from the Apple App Store and Google Play. The app helps you take photos and videos, edit videos, and export lossless videos.

Is there an anti-shake function?

Cleep Pro camera has a revolutionized balance system with EIS to stabilize your image and make no shaky videos.

What’s the battery life of my camera? What’s the longest video I can shoot before the battery needs recharging?

The built-in battery last for about 60 minutes of video recording based on our laboratory tests. It depends from shooting resolution. Using Wi-Fi can strongly affect battery duration.

Can I use an SD card?

Yes, the camera supports microSD, microSDHC or microSDXC cards with a capacity of up to 64GB.